Sen. Ruth Johnson sponsors ‘Michigan Patriot Week’ resolution

Sen. Ruth Johnson sponsors ‘Michigan Patriot Week’ resolution

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate on Wednesday approved a resolution sponsored by Sen. Ruth Johnson designating Sept. 11 through Sept. 17 as “Michigan Patriot Week.”

“This is a solemn tribute to those who have died to preserve our liberty and a celebration of the American founding ideal that built this great nation,” said Johnson, R-Holly. “Michigan Patriot Week begins as we honor the nearly 3,000 lives we lost on 9/11 and concludes on the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

“It is a week to remember that freedom isn’t free and that we need to ensure the next generation understands and appreciates the founding ideals that over a million Americans have died to protect.”

Senate Resolution 74 states that “the Legislature recognizes that understanding American history and America’s first principles are indispensable to the survival of our republic as a free people” and that “revolution, the rule of law, social compact, equality, unalienable rights, and limited government are the first principles upon which America was founded and flourishes.”

Johnson said, “It is important that we recognize that our history is ongoing as we strive to become ‘a more perfect union.’ In addition to our founding fathers, the contributions of great leaders like President Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Susan B. Anthony embody our first principles and have advanced the rights and freedoms of all Americans.”


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