Sen. Ruth Johnson blasts criticism of local clerks’ concerns about election security

LANSING, Mich. — After hearing that the Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes and the Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum criticized local clerks’ input during Wednesday’s Senate Elections Committee hearing about election integrity issues arising from the secretary of state’s unsolicited, statewide mass mailing of absentee ballot applications, Sen. Ruth Johnson, R-Holly, issued the following statement:

“Instead of hiding behind the Michigan Democratic Party chair and the Ingham County Clerk, if Secretary Benson had something to say maybe she could have scheduled more than a half hour to speak with the Senate Elections Committee earlier this month.

“I am equally concerned about voters being disenfranchised, that’s why I think it is important we take steps to prevent dead people and others who are not eligible to vote or live in other states from voting. Every fraudulent vote disenfranchises another legitimate voter. When anyone cheats, everyone loses.

“Today’s hearing shows that there are indeed serious concerns among local clerks who conduct our elections about the recent actions of the secretary of state as they relate to the integrity of our elections. The secretary of state must be accountable for these actions.”