Sen. Ruth Johnson votes to send 2020 budget to governor

Sen. Ruth Johnson votes to send 2020 budget to governor

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Ruth Johnson on Tuesday voted to send the governor a balanced fiscal year 2020 budget that increases investments in key priorities.

The budget enrolled by the Legislature does not include the 45-cent gas tax increase proposed by the governor.

“The people of Michigan do not support the governor’s $2.5 billion tax increase,” said Johnson, R-Holly. “In this budget, we were able to fund significant increases for our schools, our roads and our water quality without adding the governor’s huge tax burden on Michigan families.”

Senate Bill 149 would invest $5.4 billion in transportation in FY 2020, an increase of more than $2 billion since FY 2010.

The budget bills given final legislative approval on Tuesday would also invest $120 million in drinking water protections, increase funding to local governments, hire more state troopers, and assist efforts to respond to public health hazards.

“In addition to supporting our roads and schools, I am especially proud of the $120 million to help ensure our families have safe drinking water,” Johnson said. “I was successful in including $7.5 million of this funding for private well testing. Michigan has more residents on private wells for drinking water than any other state in the country. We have a responsibility to help people learn about contaminants that may be in their water and affecting the health of their families.”

Last week, the Legislature finalized the school budget. House Bill 4242 would invest more than $15.2 billion in K-12 education, a boost of over $2.2 billion in school funding since FY 2011.

“Under this budget, most of our area schools will receive a $240 per-pupil foundation allowance increase in addition to significant increases for special education and skilled trades and technical education,” Johnson said. “I hope the governor will sign this responsible budget with record funding for schools, roads and water protection.”

The budget bills will be presented to the governor this week. The bills are SBs 134, 137-139, 141, 144, 147 and 149 and HBs 4229, 4231, 4232, 4236, 4238, 4239, 4241 and 4242.


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