Sen. Ruth Johnson supports Senate 2020 budget plan

Sen. Ruth Johnson supports Senate 2020 budget plan

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Ruth Johnson this week supported the Senate’s budget plan, which increases investments in key priorities like roads and schools. The Senate-passed budget does not include the 45-cent gas tax increase proposed by the governor.

“People across the board just do not support this tax increase,” said Johnson, R-Holly. “I’m pleased we’ve found a way to fund our roads and schools with significant increases without putting this new burden on Michigan motorists.”

The Senate-passed budget would bring road funding to $1.2 billion above 2015 levels. It includes an additional $132 million for local roads. The proposed Senate budget also increases school funding substantially.

“Most of our area’s schools would receive a $270 per-pupil foundation allowance increase under the plan passed by the Senate,” Johnson said. “This is the largest increase in 18 years. Our plan adds nearly $400 million to school funding for next year.”

The budget passed by the Senate would invest $15.2 billion in education. This is an increase of more than $2.6 billion in state funding for schools since 2011 and includes $107 million more for a foundation allowance increase than the governor’s plan.

“In addition to supporting our roads and schools, I am especially proud of the funding we have included for drinking water protection,” Johnson said. “I fought to protect $5 million that is allocated for private well testing. Michigan has more residents on private wells for drinking water than any other state in the country. We have a responsibility to educate people about contaminants that may be in their water and affecting the health of their families.”

Senate Bills 133-149 now head to the House of Representatives for consideration


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